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Welcome to Benten Gallery. Named after Benten,

the Japanese goddess of art, beauty, and wisdom,

our gallery embodies her essence and guiding principles.

We believe that art is not just a visual spectacle,

but a gateway to deeper emotions, a mirror to society,

and a catalyst for meaningful conversations.

Representing an array of visually stunning creations, where the interplay of shapes and vibrant hues will

leave you in awe.

As you navigate our virtual gallery, you'll encounter the geometric symphonies of colours, and the profound narratives that emerge from the depths of the artist's soul elevating the ordinary into extraordinary.


Celia Fernandez

Alejandra Sieder

Mulata von Kindy


Celia Fernandez

Celia Fernandez is an award-winning Op Art artist

and frequently represented as a finalist in prominent

Australian art prizes.

She explores the interrelation between colour and shape to create a visual experience that engages the sight and emotions of the public via her geometric

abstractive painting style.

Through the use of dots, she creates art that communicates a sense of spirituality thus her paintings usually depict social emotions and behaviours. The colours are used to represent the diversity of people’s race, culture, gender, personality, etc

In Celia’s work, you’ll notice the influence of artists like Bridget Riley's drawing compositions and the obsessive, repetitious mark-making of Yayoi Kusama, inspired by her two major influences she developed her own original technique.

Her almost hypnotizing pop pointillism displays intense attention to precision and detail playing

with the illusion of perfection.

Her work is experimental, original, intuitive and playful,

a delightful representation of contemporary Art.

‘Friendship’ | 122 x 90 cm

‘Fire Approaching’ | 80 x 107 cm

‘Chimera’ | 76 x 50 cm

‘Crowd’ | 76 x 90 cm

Alejandra Sieder

Alejandra Sieder's art is a mesmerising fusion of monochromatic op-art, personal memories, and emotional experiences, all distilled into pure black-and-white geometry.

At first glance, confusion and mesmerisation take hold as the illusions appear to vibrate and swirl, but this initial impression soon gives way to a deeper appreciation of the intricate detail and precision in each work. Influenced by renowned artists such as Cruz Diez, Riley, Carmen Herrera, Miró, and Kandinsky, Alejandra's artistic upbringing in Caracas and her studies have given her a profound respect for the interplay

of movement and viewer perception.

Through her art, Sieder seeks to involve the audience in a transformative visual experience, guiding them into a new dimension of exploration. The objective is to create a seamless interrelation between matter, space, and the viewer's sensations, inviting them to become an integral part of the artwork's narrative. With every stroke and every form, Sieder masterfully presents movement for the effect, of enticing the audience to engage on a personal level

with the captivating realm she creates.

‘My Upside Down In Black’

120 x 120 cm

‘My Upside Down In White’

120 x 120 cm


90 x 90 cm


150 x 100 cm


VON Kindy

Kindy’s art is a revelation of the human spirit. Inspired by the groundbreaking works of Braque, Picasso, and Dalí, she masterfully deconstructs her subjects, exposing the hidden depths of character. Her Cubist portraits are a mesmerizing symphony of geometric shapes and fragmented perspectives, offering viewers a profound insight into the very essence of the human soul. She possesses an extraordinary spiritual gift

—an unparalleled intuition that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary. With her keen sense of perception, she scans the faces of her subjects and delves deep into their innermost behaviours, emotions, traumas, and obstacles. Through this divine connection, she unveils the unique personalities of each subject and reveals the hidden scars

and triumphs that shape their lives.

With her spiritual insight and profound connection to her subjects, Kindy breathes life into her portraits.

Her brushstrokes are not mere depictions; they are portals to the human soul. Through a delicate interplay of colour and form, she transforms shadows into joy, capturing the resilience and triumph that can emerge from the deepest

wellsprings of human emotion.

‘Me In Red’ | 36 x 51 cm

‘One Soul In Starbucks’

36 x 51 cm

‘Louise’ | 56 x 76 cm

‘John’ | 56 x 76 cm


With a deep reverence for the organic rhythms of our planet, Chelo draws inspiration from the timeless beauty of nature's colours. Each stroke is a deliberate dance with the elements, translating the earth's secrets, a journey of introspection and wonder, reconnecting with the primal forces that shape our world.

The signature is an intricate interplay of mixed media and texture, akin to the windswept patterns in desert sands or the complex web of roots beneath ancient forests. Their work is an ode to the innate harmony found in nature's chaos, creating an emotional resonance that transcends words.

By remaining incognito, Chelo invites you to focus solely on the art itself, to immerse yourself in the earthy abstracts and discover your own interpretations. These artworks are a portal to a world where imagination runs wild, where the boundaries between art and nature blur, and where the viewer is free to explore the depths of their own soul.


‘Gravitation’ | 29 x 42 cm

‘Third Eye’ | 29 x 42 cm

‘Womb’ | 29 x 42 cm

‘Protection’ | 29 x 42 cm




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